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We're a group of families who value self-directed education! We have joined together to form a community with other families who are interested or immersed in SDE. We meet in parks and other public spaces for open hangouts and adventures or to share our passions by hosting clubs (like science and theatre club) or other meetups (like Pokemon Go or board games). We also frequently rent space at the Ana Lark Center, for activities that are better indoors. If you'd like to join us, visit Yawpers Community Group on Facebook! There are no membership fees and most events are free. 

Our Community Agreement

This Community Agreement exists to define what behavior members should exhibit toward each other and toward non-members in our gathering spaces and public areas, and how to take care of our shared spaces. Please read this agreement and understand how it applies to you.


1. Yawp! volunteers are not responsible for childcare or supervision. Our expectation is that children attend Yawp! with their parents actively supervising. If a parent leaves the premises, they must designate another supervising parent via mutual agreement. Members may only agree to be responsible for the number of children they could safely transport, in the event of an emergency that requires evacuation of the premises.


2. Yawp is collectively run. Tidying and cleanup are part of community building. We all expect to chip in according to our ability and keep the space clean, above and beyond the way we would in a coffee shop or similar shared-space situation. We also commit to being the best neighbors we can be in the building and surroundings – cleaning messes, picking up litter, and leaving landscaping elements intact.


3. We agree not to post photos containing the faces of other Yawp! members or guests anywhere without their permission (or parents’ permission, if applicable).


4. To safeguard the health of our community, we ask that anyone exhibiting symptoms of contagious illness visit us only when they are well. As a general guideline, please wait 24 hours after diarrhea, vomiting, fever, or rash before returning to Yawp.


5. Dress code: everybody cover your bottoms, please.


6. Give people space and don’t touch, tickle, hug, or kiss them if they haven’t agreed. Respect people who say they’re in private conversations. Don’t sexually harass or denigrate members or visitors, whether in physical, verbal, or online settings. Avoid violence and unwelcome contact in all interactions.


7. We are committed to supporting each other in parenting gently and with love, communicating with awareness and compassion, and treating each other with respect, inclusive of differences among us.


In the event that an individual or family is unable or unwilling to comply with our community agreement, they may be asked to stop attending Yawp! at the discretion of the organizers group. 

Make a One-Time Contribution Through PayPal

We are entirely volunteer-run and community funded. If you want to support our project, and the mission of building a community that celebrates self-directed education, please consider making a contribtion to our PayPal account.

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